Website Monitoring Tool

This is the YonaCheck website monitoring tool.  It will monitor the up/down status of a single website and send a text message, email message or both as notification to any recipient.

You may have separate success and failure messages and set any testing interval.

YonaCheck is multi-threaded, so you may launch as many instances of the tool you need and each will operate independently.

Download our YonaCheck™ software – HERE!

Download Free Software:

We design specialty software for many different industries and small businesses.

You may download our YonaCopy™ software for free – Here!  It is a GUI frontend to RoboCopy.exe and provides multi-threaded jobs with a custom scheduler.

A free copy of YonaCheck™ software is available – HERE!  It is a utility to check a single website with both an email and sms text message alert if the site goes down!

For computer engineers, we wrote a simple way of determining your public IP address along with your public DNS name and port number.  Go to http://www.IPYoYo.com